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Heads of Korea-China-Japan IP Training Institutes held a meeting and a seminar (News Letter No. 350)



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1. Heads of Korea-China-Japan IP Training Institutes held a meeting and a seminar

The International Intellectual property Training Institute (IIPTI) under the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the China Intellectual Property Training Center (CIPTC) and the Japan National Center for Industrial Property Information and Training (INPIT) held a meeting of the heads of Korea-China-Japan IP Training Institutes and joint seminar on November 22 and 23, 2016 in Seoul.

The meeting starting in 2010 has been held annually by each country in turn. The training agencies in charge of IP-related education in Korea, China and Japan meet together to share know-how and to discuss cooperative plans for IP education development, performing a role as an exchange field among the countries.

The seminar was also held regarding the current status and development direction of operation of patent database of the three countries.

In this seminar, experts of KIPO, the State Intellectual Property Office of the People’s Republic of China (SIPO) and the Japanese Patent Office (JPO) directly announced regarding the operation current situation and development direction of not only the KIPRIS which is a Korean IP database system but also Chinese IP database and the Japanese IP database (J-PlatPat), followed by the relevant questions and discussions. Through the seminar, useful information was expected to be provided to the general people, institutes, export company staff and patent attorneys, etc., who were interested in filing applications in Korea, China and Japan.

2. Patent evaluation database (DB) is fully opened to the public

- KIPO opens refined data of a patent analysis and evaluation system to the public.

From November 21, 2016, KIPO opened patent evaluation factor data of the patent analysis and evaluation system (SMART3), such that private IP service companies may easily develop the relevant service by using the refined patent analysis information.

SMART3 is an online system (smart.kipa.org) which provides, in real time, the level of quality of a particular patent when a user inputs only the patent number or owner name of the patent only.

Since the first service was provided in 2010, about 500,000 service cases have been provided to 214 companies and agencies until October this year. Like this, SMART3 has been used in various fields including the patent maintenance and management, technical transaction, research and development quality evaluation, IP financial support, etc.

3. KIPO held a presentation of an IP-field FTA for companies to extend businesses abroad

- Introduction of the company support programs including major contents of the IP-field FTA and IP trial insurance

KIPO held the presentation of an IP-field FTA for the companies to extend businesses abroad, experts and general public.

This presentation was arranged to prevent damages caused by IP infringements abroad and to support the efficient usage of IP rights, by increasing the understanding of the FTA by Korean companies which have advanced abroad or which hope to extend businesses abroad in the future as the number of the countries which concluded the FTA with the Republic of Korea has expanded globally.

In this presentation, the IP-field major contents of the FTA were explained, with the major countries including the USA, EU, etc. and the countries including China, Vietnam, etc. where Korean companies have recently actively expanded their businesses. Further, KIPO’s programs were introduced, which would be helpful in establishing companies’ IP strategies, such as IP-related correspondence cases, IP trial insurances, etc.

4. KIPO held a ‘2016 standard patent forum’

- Standard patent experts met together to propose standard patent strategies and know-how

KIPO held a ‘2016 standard patent forum.

A standard patent as a patent which must be essentially used to make a standard product which is world-widely used in common is a very important factor in strengthening the market power. Considering the importance of a standard patent, KIPO prepared the forum to widely spread the standard patent strategies accumulated up to now.

In this forum, standard patent experts met together on the subject of ‘creation and usage strategies of standard patents through the R&D-standard-patent linkage’, to suggest the standard patent strategies and know-how which are useful by industries-universities-institutes that are interested in standard patents.

Major contents included the following topic presentations:
▲ Phased standardization strategies (Daejoon KIM, team leader of Information and Communications Technology Center),
▲ 12 standard patent secure strategies (Taegyun KIM, group leader of Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Agency (KISTA)),
▲ Succession cases using the standard patent secure strategies (Jinsam KWAk, CEO of WILUS Institute of Standards & Technology; Seungwon CHOI, professor of Hanyang University)


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