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KIPO held a seminar regarding US IP dispute tendencies and counterstrategies (News Letter No. 348)



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1. KIPO held a seminar regarding US IP dispute tendencies and counterstrategies

- US local experts introduced the counterstrategies to IP disputes and provided consultation at the site.

On October 19, 2015, the Korea Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) held a seminar regarding US IP dispute tendencies and counterstrategies for export companies.

According to the research on the actual condition of overseas IP disputes in 2015’ conducted by KIPO, about 52% of Korean companies’ infringement cases of foreign IP rights occurred in the USA. In these cases, since the disputes with non-practicing entities (NPEs) pass over 30%, this is a burden to Korean small and medium companies and strong medium companies that wish to advance abroad.

This seminar was arranged to introduce recent US IP dispute tendencies, companies’ lawsuit counterstrategies and cases and to share difficulties of Korean companies to advance into the USA.

Company officials, Korean IP-related staff, etc. attended the seminar and US lawyers/patent attorneys practicing in the USA introduced specific know-how to prevent and cope with IP disputes in the USA.

2. A Korean IP administration model is exported to the Middle East area

KIPO and the Ministry of Economy of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) had a high-level meeting in the IP area between South Korea and UAE in Geneva, Switzerland. South Korea agreed to provide the strategical consulting to establish an UAE IP examination organization.

This agreement was made while the UAE has carried forward the establishment of its own IP examination organization, to cope with patent applications as having fast increased and to grow as an IP center country of the Middle East area. South Korea will pass on the experiences of the development and operation of an advanced IP administration by sending experts. The UAE has not yet had its own IP examination organization and requested KIPO and other foreign Patent Offices to conduct examination services on its behalf.

KIPO’s stance is to support the IP development strategies of the UAE by providing not only the matters regarding the UAE IP examination organization but also the total consultation including layout of IP-related law and system, training of examination manpower, and the establishment of the strategies to create and use IP rights.

3. Small and medium companies advancing abroad need to establish IP strategies

A private and public joint cooperative in-depth education to prevent and deal with IP disputes of small and medium companies was held by KIPO, Korea Federation of Small and Medium Business (Chairman: SungTak PARK), Korea Invention Promotion Association (Chairman: JahYeol GU), Korea Venture Business Association (Chairman: GyuDai LEE) and Korea management Innovation Association for Small and Medium Business (Chairman: YongJoo PARK).

As the damages of small and medium export companies have increased by the international IP disputes which have rapidly increased, the people and the government jointly cooperated to arrange this education as an in-depth process to improve the recognition of the executives and staff of small and medium companies regarding IP, such as patents and trademarks, and to train in specific company practices.

Professional patent attorneys attended for this education as lecturers to give lectures regarding ▲ Korean IP systems ▲establishment of strategies to use IP through precedent trends ▲ IP systems of major foreign countries and ▲ IP strategies to successfully advance into China.

4. The current status of PCT international applications related to the next generation solid electrolyte secondary battery

According to KIPO, 219 PCT international applications related to the solid electrolyte secondary batteries were filed during the last ten years (2006~2015). The number of these applications was just about 10 by 2010 but gradually increased to 25 in 2011, 23 in 2012, 45 in 2013, 28 in 2014 and 50 in 2015, steadily increasing.

The current status of major applicants of the relevant PCT international applications is as follows:

By applicants, Toyota filed the most applications with 24 (10.9%), followed by Hitachi with 10 (4.6%), Sony with 8 (3.7%), LG Chemistry with 7 (3.2%, among the others.

By nationalities of the applicants, Japan filed the most applications with 133 (60.7%), the USA with 40 (18.3%), South Korea with 20 (9.1%), Germany with 17 (7.8%) and China with 7 (2.3%).



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