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A 14th meeting of the IP5 patent classification working groups (WG1) was held (News Letter No. 333)



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1. A 14th meeting of the IP5 patent classification working groups (WG1) was held

The Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) held the 14th meeting of the IP5 patent classification working groups (WG1) in the Daejeon Government Complex, the Republic of Korea, for five days starting March 7, 2016, where classification experts from the Patent Offices of the five countries advanced in intellectual property attended to discuss a classification revision project.

The IP5 is a conference of the advanced Patent Offices of the five countries including the Republic of Korea, Europe, the US, China and Japan, which have been in charge of more than 80% of the world IP applications and continued the international cooperation of the patent classification (WG1), information (WG2) and examination policy practice (WG3) since 2010.

In this meeting, 26 experts of the IP5 attended to share the patent classification-related policies which have been carried forward in each of these Patent Offices and to intensively discuss the plans to more exquisitely make the patent classification system by reflecting the trends of intellectual property applications.

Through this meeting, the Republic of Korea intensively reflected the promising new techniques to be most filed at home and published a result of a study on classification cases performed in the IP5 Patent Offices.

2. LG Electronics took first place in ranking in the number of trademark applications filed in 2015

According to KIPO publishing the survey results of the top ten companies’ trends of trademark and design applications, LG Electronics took first place in filing trademark applications and Samsung Electronics took first place in filing design applications.

The big company that filed the most trademark applications during 2015 was LG Electronics which filed 2,667 applications, followed by LG Household & Health Care Ltd. and Amore Pacific.

Among foreign companies, Apple took first place with 130 Korean trademark applications, followed by Pie Face Holdings, Huawei and Johnson & Johnson.

The big company that filed the most design applications during 2015 was Samsung Electronics with 1,230, followed by LG Electronics and CJ CheilJedang.

Among foreign companies, Nike took first place with 248 design applications, followed by Apple and Microsoft.

3. The Republic of Korea has entered the top 5 in standard patents in the world

The accumulated number of Korean standard patents announced in the world three standardization organizations, International Organization for Standardization (ISO) International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and International Telecommunication Union (ITU), passed over Germany for the first time, being in 5th place of the world.

Based on the data totaled by KIPO and Korea Intellectual Property Strategy Institute (KIPSI), the total number of the standard patents announced in the world three standardization organizations increased from 11,107 to 12,099 by 8.9% compared with the previous year. Among these, the number of Korean standard patents increased from 482 to 782 by 62.2% which is more than about 7 times the total increase rate.

Among the whole world companies and agencies, Nokia of Finland announced the most standard patents (2,466). Among the Korean companies and agencies, Samsung (360) recorded the highest rank as the 3rd place in the world, ETRI (210) was included in the world ten (2nd place in Korean rank) as an only research agency. Among the small/medium companies, Humax announced 26 standard patents was 66th place in the world rank (4th place in Korea rank).

4. Trends of Korean patent applications related to artificial intelligence

According to KIPO, as a result of analyzing the artificial intelligence-related Korean patent applications by a natural language search method, the number of the patent applications filed during the last ten years (2006~2015) totaled 2,638, with an annual average increase of about 5%.

The natural language search method is able to search by sentence units, for example, using search words such as ‘artificial intelligence, machine learning, artificial nerve network, deep learning and decision making.

The artificial intelligence technology is a representative convergence technology to be used in almost every industrial field. Upon reviewing the application trends by applied industries, research and development were mainly focused on the IT field, such as computers (64.1%), communications (9.9%), etc. The research and development were conducted in precision instruments (6.1%), medical devices (4.6%) and electric devices (4.1%). Specially, the artificial intelligence technologies have been actively used in digital computing, business management, wire and wireless communication, image data processing, etc.

In the number of the applications, Samsung Electronics filed the most patent applications (163) related to artificial intelligence, followed by ETRI (129), Qualcomm (86), Microsoft (74), KAIST (58), showing that the research and development have actively progressed.


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