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Examination of a video design is improved (News Letter No. 330)



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1. Examination of a video design is improved

According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the standards for an examination of a video design were separately prepared from the examination standards which have been applied to ordinary goods by reflecting the special characteristics of a video design which is created differently from a general product design. The standards for an examination of a video design have been enforced from January.

The number of applications for video designs focusing on image devices, computers, electronic devices, etc. was 1,873 in 2014 and 1,407 in 2015, showing that many applications were filed every year. However, the general examination standards were applied rather than examination standards reflecting the special characteristics of a video design.

The standards for an examination of a video design which have been enacted this time include the major contents: 《 to clarify the requirements to establish a video design, 《 to specifically organize the requirements for drawings to illustrate a design, and 《 to give shape to the standards to determine creativity and similarity.

If a display unit, such as LCD, for displaying an image is specified only, it is permitted to be recognized as a video design. That is, if a physical display unit is specified even though an expression is made by a projection, for example, like an automobile driving information displayed through a windshield glass, it can be registered as a video design.

2. KIPO and a local government together support the amount of 12.8 billion Korea Won to small and medium companies, to develop IP star companies

KIPO announced to decide and enforce a plan to support a ‥program to develop IP star companies in 2016…, to promote small giant companies based on IP.

The ‥program to develop IP star companies… is to grow promising small and medium companies by local areas as the IP-based small giant companies under the cooperation of KIPO and municipal governments. This program is performed in the regional IP centers (www.ripc.org, 1661-1900) located in 16 areas in the country.

The total budget scale of this support program is 12.8 billion Korea Won and about 100 new companies to be supported will be selected in 2016.

The companies selected to be supported are eligible to the overall IP-related support in obtaining domestic and foreign patent rights of their developed technologies, searching trends of patent technologies, developing their brands in non English-speaking areas, consulting IP management strategies, etc., for 3 years after the selection.

3. The website of the world…s top five trademark offices (TM5) is overall reorganized

KIPO announced that the official website (http://tmfive.org) of TM5 has been overall reorganized to start services.

The website was reorganized focused on the inconvenience of the users, with the neat design standing out and the concept of ‥Plentiful Information, Easy Search…. Since this reorganization makes it easy to get the trademark information of major countries, such as the US, Europe, etc., it is expected that a company which wants to file a trademark in a foreign application or a patent attorney will be provided with helpful information.

The most evident thing in the reorganization of the website is that it is possible to easily use the website by using a smart phone as well as an individual PC, through the ‥strengthening of mobile accessibility…. Further, the website content(s) has been improved to be immediately searched in the search engine like Google, due to the ‥optimization of a search engine….

The other thing to be noticed is that a communication system has been prepared such that an applicant can directly ask, through the TM5 website, about the trademark-related system of each country, and also a window has been prepared to frequently receive any questions or opinions from an applicant.

4. No more unused patents of universities and public research institutes!
Make them outstanding patents!

- KIPO carries out a ‥program to support the creation of an excellent patent of governmental R&D in 2016….

KIPO decided to enforce a ‥program to support the creation of an excellent patent of governmental R&D in 2016… with the total amount of 6.92 billion Korea Won including 2.24 billion Korea Won for a ‥program to support the patent plan… which supports the technologies developed by universities and public research institutes to be secured as lucrative original 좪 core patents.

Previously, this program stressed the establishment of intellectual property strategies (IP-R&D) in the early and middle of R&D focusing on the medium-large sized research and development tasks of universities and public research institutes. However, starting this year, the range of this program is expanded to ‥support of the patent plan… of a developed technology, such that an excellent patent can be created during the whole period of R&D. The scale of support is 6.92 billion Korea Won with an increase of 47.9% compared with the previous year. This amount is used to support 134 governmental R&D tasks.

In the ‥program to support IP strategies of the government R&D…, a team consisting IP strategy experts in charge supports, in priority, the conceiving of a new idea, the establishment of counterstrategies to a competitive researcher, the setting of a direction for research and development, etc., through an in-depth IP analysis on the research and development tasks of universities and public research institutes. This year, this program will support 78 tasks (a total project cost of 4.68 billion Korea Won), which is the same number of the tasks last year.


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