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KIPO held the 8th IP information working group meeting (News latter No. 290)



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1. KIPO held the 8th IP information working group meeting

According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), the 8th meeting of the Information Working Group 2 of the patent offices of the five (5) countries advanced in intellectual property (hereinafter, referred to as “IP5 patent offices”) was held in Daejeon government building for 4 days from May 12 to 15.

This meeting was attended by about 30 people including directors and managers in the field of information of the IP5 patent offices and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), to discus the current situation and future plan of carrying forward the information project.

The main subjects handled in the meeting are: ▲ the building of a global patent examination information system (Global Dossier) ▲ the opening of patent examination progress information to people ▲ the providing of patent information to people ▲ common search documents ▲ machine translation, etc.

2. KIPO provides a mailing service of super cited reference information and new information

KIPO announced that it would provide the general public with the mailing service of the super information of cited references being prior art references and the information of IPs being newly published and registered from June.

The super cited reference information is the statistical data to which KIPO converted about 2,200,000 prior art references attached to Notices of Request for Submission of Argument being issued as of 2014 from 1999.

When a user inputs a technical field (IPC) and a term, the information of the number of citing a prior art reference is provided by the IP information net of the Korea Intellectual Property Rights Information Service (KIPRIS) (www.kipris.or.kr).

Regarding the mailing service of the information of new IPs, if a user fills, up to the maximum, ten (10) IPC or search formula in an interested field, the user’s desired information of patents, trademarks and designs is provided in a customized service form at a desired time.

3. KIPO and UAE concluded a contract of IP examination services

KIPO and the Ministry of Economy of UAE concluded the contract between Korea-UAE to dispatch an examiner(s) to act IP examination services in a 4th Korea-UAE joint board held in the Shilla Hotel, Seoul.

This contract signed by Mr. Young-min KIM, Commissioner of KIPO, and Mr. Mohammed bin Abdulaziz, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Economy has the content that an examiner(s) of KIPO would be sent to UAE to do IP examination services for UAE from June, 2014.

As the follow-up measures of the exchange of ‘the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Korea-UAE regarding doing IP examination services’ concluded in February, the conclusion of this contract specifies a dispatch period, working terms, pay, etc.

4. KIPO published the first edition of a standard patent technical journal, “SEP Inside”

KIPO published the first edition of “SEP Inside” which is a standard patent online technical journal on May 1, 2014.

Through SEP Inside, KIPO plans to provide information related to the world’s various standard patents by analyzing them multilaterally and in depth. SEP Inside consists of six (6) items: Light upon issues, News and trends, Experts’ contribution, Information analysis, Company introduction and Event information. It is quarterly provided in the forms of electronic books and newsletters.

In this first edition, a feature is focused on the global companies’ activities to secure standard patents (Samsung, Google, MS, etc.). It includes the contents: patent strategies of wireless charging technology, statistics of standard patents, analysis of Motorola’s trend of announcing standard patents, pioneer(s) of standard patents, etc.

A standard patent is a technical competition factor settling into the center of profit conflicts among the companies in the global era. Properly using a standard patent and effectively dealing with it have risen as an important topic of business management.  


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